How to Create a Custom Printed T-Shirt with a Cricut Machine

Have you ever seen a picture and realized that you would really want to wear that on your own custom shirt? Perhaps you have a new celebrity crush or anime obsession that you want to show off to the world. Well, you’re in luck, because this week I will be teaching y’all how to make custom T-shirts!

Before we start, I should note that the process is different is very different whether you have a cricut machine or not. Also, there are many ways besides printing to customize shirts (or pants, for that matter) with different results, so be sure to explore the different options!

Making a Custom Shirt With a Cricut Machine

With this machine and the cricut software, you will use an SVG file. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a black and white outline of an image. Use an online converter to convert images to SVG format. After that, open the cricut software and click “Upload” (bottom of options bar on the left), then upload your SVG file!

Size the image by clicking on it and dragging the bottom right circle until you can see the dimensions you want. Remember to pick a shirt beforehand and measure it so you get the right numbers. Add text and whatever you want, and when you’re finished, click “Make it” on the top right.


Remember to click “Mirror”! Check that the shiny side of the iron-on material is down, and click the continue button on the bottom right.

After that, find your machine, click the make button, and start printing!

After you’ve cut the design out, remove the unneeded parts (under a light, since it’s very hard to see) and take your art to the iron. Lay it clear plastic side up on the article of clothing you are printing on, and give it a good iron!

After this, you should end up with a pretty decent custom shirt with your own design!


If you want another style of custom shirt, check out this link to learn to iron a design from an inkjet printer:

If you’re too lazy to do any of this, simply go to or to order a customized pencil case, clipboard, pens, etc.!

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