How to Prepare for Halloween

Trick or treat!

It’s that time of the year again!

We all go out to get candy, wrapped up in stuffy costumes, while our parents chill at home and hand out candy to whoever knocks on their door.

Maybe we’ll even be lucky and score on a house that gives out full length chocolate bars!

Most of the time, we get a treat, but maybe even a trick as well…

Jimmy Kimmel Live – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2019

With all that in mind, how should we prepare for halloween? Without further ado, here’s some insight on what to focus on for this year’s spooky Sunday.

  1. Candy!

This may seem obvious, but beware that it’s not just any candy. Preferably, it should be reasonably big (just don’t give out individual Tic Tacs) and actually be tasty. So, no Tootsie Rolls and black licorice, please. And because of COVID, it might be smart to wrap up the candy you’re giving out in some cute little boxes to ensure the safety of the consumers! Get some now at ETSY Halloween Loot Boxes and enjoy free shipping if you live in Canada. 

Halloween Loot Boxes (Set of 5)
  1. Costume

Let’s be honest, the witch costume and the ghost costume are wayyy too overdone. This year, let’s go with some more creative ideas, shall we? I’ve seen somebody dress up as a gumball machine, a shower (with the guy inside), and Donald Trump. You can get costumes from shops like Spirit Halloween, or be awesome and make a DIY costume from scratch.

  1. Decorations

No need to turn your lawn into a haunted mansion, but do a little something to at least spice it up a little. Fake spider webs made of pulled cotton and skulls (fake ones) stuck to your door will work just fine. If you want to get really fancy, there are many motion sensor jump-scare decorations you can get to make trick-or-treating at your house qualified for a dare.

  1. Halloween-Themed Stationery

Whether it’s to show your halloween spirit at school or simply get some cute pens, halloween stationery is a must. These cute gel pens from are an excellent example. The tops of the pens can spin as a stress-reliever, too!

Rotary Halloween Pens
  1. Scary Halloween Movies

Scary Movie Recommendations? I got you covered.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

This newest “The Conjuring” is a real scary horror film based on a true mystery story. I can’t tell you much about it, for I’m too scared to see it! Check out the trailer and see for yourself whether you’d like to risk your sleep on Halloween night…

The Joker

For a more mellow scare, a psychological thriller like The Joker might do the trick. Settle with your newly earned candy and chew your way through this film…

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