Chinese Handwriting Practice!

Have you ever been told that your Chinese handwriting is illegible?

Well, there’s a solution for you! There’s a useful notebook that helps you make your Chinese handwriting perfect. And no, it isn’t just sheets and sheets of paper with the outlines of characters, it’s way more than that. Let’s take a look inside!

This amazing notebook with grooves and fading ink can make your handwriting go from this:

To this:
In no time!

How does a notebook improve Chinese handwriting?

So how does it work, you ask? Well, the kit comes with the notebook itself, pens with fading ink, and a hand grip. The first thing the book teaches you is how to hold a pencil correctly. This is important because poor pencil grips may lead to hand and wrist pain, as well as fatigue. If you are always shaking your hand out after writing, be sure to check on how you are holding your pencil! Next, the notebook is not made of ordinary paper. The pages are nice and thick, with grooves in the shapes of the characters. When writing, just follow the way the page dips, and soon enough you will be writing perfect characters purely through muscle memory!


Next, the pens are no ordinary pens; they’re fading ink! Thus, you don’t need to buy so many notebooks, since you can write in them as many times as you want. After doing a bit of experimentation, I found that the ink’s blue pigment disappears as a response to water vapor (try breathing on them), so be sure to leave the page open when you are drying up the ink. Also, if you use the pencil grip the kit comes with, you will be able to get correct hand position on the pen when practicing.

Get it here for sale! 

From 4-Leaf Stationery, this set contains 3 notebooks (with increasing level), 3 of the ink-fading pens, and a pen grip. Welp, that’s it for this week, and I’ll catch you guys next week! Have a great family day 🙂

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