The Newest Stationery Trends for 2022

We’re finally past 2021, and into a fresh, new year. And that means fresh, new stationery! The new stationery trends are sure to have your back. So, toss out your old, worn stationery and get ready to update your pencil case for 2022!

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Soft - Black | JetPens

Stationery Trend #1: Aesthetic

First off, the new requirement for everything this year seems to be aesthetic. From the design to the colors the stationery makes, everything has to be simple, pretty, and have a pastel color. Therefore, this is probably why Japanese stationery seems to be getting all the good business these days. Their style is clean and pretty, but unfortunately the quality and price of some of those pens are getting a little out of hand.

These pens hold four times the amount of ink that the classic Muji pens hold, and they’re under a dollar!
These pens definitely meet the criteria for aesthetic! They’re nice and simple, but the ink still works great and dries quick

Stationery Trend #2: Natural

Next, the environment is one of the greatest concerns this year, so naturally (pun intended) people will start looking for more environmental options for stationery. It’s funny that stationery trends include global issues too!

Anyways, this trend is taking up form in wooden products – or even products that look like nature. Take a look at these products:

Wooden Clipboard
Forresty Notebooks

Choose natural to blend in with the rest of the stationery world, and save the world at the same time 😉

Stationery Trends – #3: Personalized

Furthermore, if the stationery is personalized, you could get your name on it! Isn’t that just great?

Many stores like 4-Leaf Stationery offer this service on Etsy!

So, what do you think about these trends? If you want to go get some new stationery, hurry before they become sold out! Or, get online to stores like 4 Leaf Stationery (my favorite) and find your next pencil case fillers there!

Have a happy new year, everyone! Hope you enjoyed my blog this week, and I’ll see you guys next week. Ciao!

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