Save the Environment!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! This week, we’re going to talk about the environment. Now, I know “save the environment” is a very overdone topic, but I feel that it’s still not stressed enough. The reason I got this inspiration is that our school had an environmental walk-out this week, and people said that they only “walked out” so they could miss a class! 

People should realize how big of a problem climate change is, if they hadn’t already noticed the crazy weather these days. Some people have given up on earth and decided to travel to Mars to escape climate change, but the truth is that it’s not too late. We haven’t yet passed the point of no return. Besides, if we travel to Mars, we will still have the same habits and end up trashing up that planet too. 

How to Save the Environment

So, there are many ways we can save our planet, and one of them is by donating money.

That’s right, Team Seas is there to save the ocean. Donate a quick dollar (or more) to remove some plastic from the ocean.

In your own home, though, you can use a personal air filter to make sure the air you breathe is clean, at least. There’s a cute air filter from 4 Leaf Stationery that I absolutely love! It’s in the shape of a puppy on a pillow and is perfectly fit for your car dashboard or on top of your desk. Get rid of the little dust particles floating around in your car, and give your nose a break from all that filtering!

Going back to the environment, there are many other environmental initiatives that clean beaches, plan park cleanups, and advocate for green energy or other causes. 

We should all band together to make sure the earth is clean for our children and children. Even a bit, like biking to work instead of driving, can go a long way.

What other ways can we protect the environment? Comment below!

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