Cold Weather Activities!

Ain’t it cold these days?

La Niña could mean B.C. is in for a colder-than-usual winter - Vancouver Is  Awesome
Cold weather can be attributed to the Arctic Outflow:

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful

Since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

These lyrics seem to be quite the truth for us British Columbians these days! Ever since our white Christmas, the weather has been the coldest Vancouver has likely seen for a long time. The Arctic Outflow seems to have something to it, but most of it is because of we need to Save the Environment!

However, cold weather is no excuse to laze around curled up with a blanket and chips binging Netflix for two months! There are plenty of things to do with winter weather.

1. Enjoy the cold – Play in the Snow!

Head up to the mountains for some fun skiing and snowboarding, not to mention tobogganing and snowshoeing! This is also pretty safe because it’s harder for COVID to be transmitted outdoors.

Plus, British Columbia is literally famous for its snowy peaks! Head over to Whistler, Grouse or Cypress for some fun in the snow!

2. Take up a hobby

In addition, start up a hobby like crafting or music to pass the time and enjoy creating art! There are plenty of indoor hobbies to take up, and you might as well use your creativity this winter. Even better, at 4 Leaf Stationery, there is plenty of equipment to start an artistic hobby!

These bestselling metallic markers are really great for decorating boring products.
These pork erasers are really cute, but as plastic erasers, they erase very well and do not break easily.
Use these flash cards to sketch and note down ideas you get during the day. You never know, you might get a great idea but forget it later on!
And these plastic zipper bags are great for storing half-finished products, lest anyone spill drinks on your masterpieces-in-progress!
Furthermore, clipboards with measurements are awesome because you will always have the right proportions!
Alright, last one! Get this paper trimmer to cut paper flawlessly and easily!

3. Relax at home

Last but not least, cozy up at home with a pet and some warm drinks! Use a cute Bear Shaped Insulated Double-wall Glass Coffee/Tea Mug to make sure you can safely drink that hot chocolate, and this machine washable Cute Duck Microfiber Plush Absorbent Bathroom Mat after you lounge in the bathtub!

So, with all these ways to spend your cold winter, the weather seems to be great, doesn’t it? Now, stop scrolling, get out there and have some fun!

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