Celebrate Christmas in Vancouver!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s near to the time when everyone is preparing for Christmas, whether that’s buying presents for everyone, planning Christmas trips, shopping for Christmas feast ingredients… Nothing’s better than a jolly Christmastime! This week, I’ll be giving some ideas for some places to visit to celebrate Christmas in Vancouver for all those wanting to encounter more of the Christmas spirit!

1. Check out the Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!

One of the first places that comes to mind is Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!! If you’ve ever visited the park at Christmas, you know that it’s way more than just a bridge. In fact, there’s more than one bridge. Also, there are many pretty lights wrapped around the trees that I wonder how the heck they got up there! Take a look for yourself and see if you would like to visit!

This place is perfect for a stroll with family, a solitary photography spree, or even a magical date night!

2. Give a Toast to Santa at FlyOver Canada – Christmas Edition!

Another awesome attraction is FlyOver Canada – Christmas edition. FlyOver Canada is exactly what it sounds like; you’re soaring over all parts of recorded Canada, passing over the Rockies, Niagara falls, and other famous landmarks. The Christmas one is even more epic, with Santa and his reindeer guiding you across the lands on his way to his workshop at the North Pole! Entertain your kids by buying a ticket to have a one-of-a-kind experience at FlyOver Canada!

FlyOver Canada Christmas Promotional Video

3. Go Holiday Shopping at Vancouver Christmas Market!

For your Christmas shopping – or window shopping, for that matter – check out the Vancouver Christmas Market! Here, there’s not only products on shelves, there’s also entertainment, food, drinks, rides, lights, and much, much more! Here’s some pics:

Buy Tickets Here: https://www.myzonetickets.com/e/225421/vandusen-festival-of-lights-37sen-festival-of-lights-37

4. More Lights at the VanDusen!

Now, back to Christmas lights. The VanDusen Festival of Lights is also an amazing light show! Almost everything you see is covered in light, making it a popular date destination or simply a family day trip. One of Vancouver’s Best Places, this festival of lights is perfect for those wanting to celebrate Christmas beauty. 

Celebrate Christmas this year at the VanDusen Festical of Lights!

5. Celebrate Christmas in the Comfort of Your Home!

Last but not least, what better place to celebrate Christmas than your own home? Decorate your house, or at least your door, with Costco lights, wreaths, and handmade crafts! Get some cute holiday stationery to brighten up your work or homework! Catch the Christmas sale at my favorite stationery store, 4 Leaf Stationery: https://4leafstationery.com/

Even better, bake some gingerbread and build some gingerbread houses with your family members! Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎁❄️️🔔🦌

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